In the cradle of twilight, where shadows gently kiss the earth, A symphony of whispers, a time of quiet rebirth. Embrace the darkness, the canvas for stars to play, A tapestry of mystery unfolds as daylight slips away.In the quiet of the night, secrets gently unfold, A dance of shadows, stories waiting to be told. The moon, a guardian, casting its ethereal glow, Guiding us through the labyrinth where dreams tend to grow.In the stillness, find solace, let the mind take flight, For in the depths of darkness, we discover our own light. The season of shadows, a teacher in disguise, Revealing hidden truths, where the soul often lies.So, welcome the night, let its magic be your guide, A journey of introspection, where the self can’t hide. For in the arms of darkness, where the stars softly gleam, We learn to embrace our essence, like a waking dream.

– Anonym-