The only thing worth looking at in most museums of art is all the schoolgirls on daytrips with the art department. – Banksy

Poetikon har etterhvert utviklet allergi mot rævva kunst og crappy artist statements, da er det befriende å bolle seg i en deilig haug av street art, i form av tre bøker signert Banksy, mister street art himself. Bildet under er fra boka Existencilism (Amazon), men anbefaler også Wall and piece og Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall.
Banksy - Existencilism.pdf (29 sider)

«Grafitti is not the lowest form of art. Despite having to creep about at night and lie to your mum it’s actually the most honest artform available. There is no elitism or hype, it exhibits on some of the best walls a town has to offer, and nobody is put off by the price of admission.»

«When I was eighteen I spent one night trying to paint ‘LATE AGAIN’ in big silver bubble letters on the side of a passenger train. British transport police showed up and I got ripped to skreds running away through a thorny bush.
The rest of my mates made it to the car and disappeared so I spent over an hour hidden under a dumpster truck with engine oil leaking all over me. As I lay there listening to the cops on the tracks I realised I had to cut my painting time in half or give up altogether. I was staring straight up at the stenciled plate on the bottom of the fuel tank when I realised I could just copy that style and make each letter three feet high.»

To Banksy-sitater, begge fra boka Wall and piece

Banksy - Wall And Piece.pdf (207 sider)