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It is a strange thing to finally finish something that took so much. Before I got admitted to The Florence Academy of Art, I never thought I would get in. I would look at the work of students like @thor_sculp_thor and @mitchshea and think: "There is no way!" But before long I became friends with the people I looked up to, had beers on the steps of Santa Croce, talked about sculpting and moldmaking, taken under their wing. I've made things I would have thought impossible three years ago, and hopefully I've gotten somewhat close to becoming one of the same heroes I dreamt of meeting when I first moved to Firenze. I'll always look back on the last three years fondly, and if they would let me back into the first year again (and I had the money), I would do it. But I'm happy to be moving onto the next challenge. Who knows what the next three years will hold!

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